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Decision making in Adult & Paediatric Critical Care Cardiology !!!


  • Intravenous compatibilities of parenteral medications.

  • Evaluation of the Cardiac Output.

  • Evaluation of the Cardiac Function.

  • Calculate the Pulmonary and Systemic Vascular Resistances.

  • Calculate the Intracardiac Shunt measurements.

  • Guidelines for Blood gas analysis.

  • Calculate Glomerular Filtertion rate.

  • Pharmacological Dose Calculations in emergency Cardiac situations(In Adult and Paediatric Cardiology).


    This information is offered strictly for educational and academic purposes only. It should not be used for any other purposes. The intention of this web page is only to offer approximate guidelines in decision making in difficult and emergency situtations. There is no intention to suggest that the values obtained would provide results of absolute accuracy. The Cardiologist/Physician /intensivist may not consider the use of above tables in making calculations in exceptional complex situations. We welcome your valuable suggestions on modifications & the utility of the above information. The authors of the web page accepts no legal and ethical responsibility for any, misinterpretation, error, omission, or any individual's use or misuse of the information on the webpage.


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