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Important Changes in the International ECC and
CPR Guidelines 2000
Changes in the Foundations of Education, Training, and Evaluation:
Skills-Based, Video-Mediated Instruction for Lay Rescuers
Teaching ACLS: The Primary and Secondary ABCD Surveys as a
Unifying Approach to Assessment and Management.
Acute Coronary Syndromes and Acute Ischemic Stroke: Increased
Efforts to Achieve Rapid Identification, Rapid Transport, Prearrival
Treatment, and Prearrival Notification of the Emergency Department .
Devices for Secondary Confirmation of Proper Tracheal Tube
Placement: Techniques to Prevent Dislodgment of Tracheal Tubes .
Support for Family Presence at Resuscitation Attempts .
Death Pronouncement in the Field, Survivor Support Plans, the Futility
of Transport of Patients Needing Continued CPR
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